What People Say.

Lulu's Edibles have set a new standard for efficacy, predictability, and utter deliciousness in the world of cannabis edibles. I love this product line and am so grateful to have found a medicine that is so pleasurable and so effective. They are uncompromising in sourcing quality chocolate and cannabis for their products and you can taste and feel that commitment in every bite. The strain specific terpenes give a delectable flavor to each bar, all utterly unique and deeply satisfying to my very particular palate. Every flavor is my favorite! The ratios of THC:CBD of each bar deliver exactly the effect promised and allow me to really customize my experience with easy to gauge and predictable dosing and a product line that covers a range of desired effects. This is the edible I always dreamed of and I'm so thankful for the ways this edible brings ease and inspiration to my life!
- Miriam Burke
I’m SOooooOooOOO moony. And world vibes are slowwww and sorta cray. It’s helping me meet myself in acceptance of my body’s physical feelings; and my mind’s eye feels sensitized in an intuitive + intelligent way. 😉
- Peaches
Chill bar is my new fave. I’ve been having really intense Moon cycles the last two months and I cannot tell you what a significant difference it made just eating one square a day the last two days. So grateful for your medicinal chocolate cannabis Magick!!!
- Josselyn
If you’re a chocolate lover like myself and enjoy the occasional edibles, Lulu’s cannabis infused chocolates are the way to go. The combination of ingredients mask the taste of the cannabis and I can really taste the chocolate - very appealing. The quality of each bar is incredible and truly an experience for your taste buds. I highly recommend them!
- Evan W.
These are the best edibles I’ve ever had! First off, I’ve never been a fan of edibles because you never know what you’re going to get but with Lulu’s I love how each square is portioned out and you know the exact ratio, mg, and ingredients you’re putting into your body. Not only that, but it’s also made so clean. If you love dark chocolate and can’t eat too much sugar, these are so perfect! My favorites are the Chill bars and the only thing that has really helped take the edge off for my cramps. I can’t recommend these edibles enough!
- Julia M.
Lulu’s edibles are a high quality treat, both in taste and potency. The dark chocolate variety was especially exquisite. The full-spectrum of cannabinoids contributed to a fun, yet relaxing high - not overwhelming like some edibles can be. I’ll definitely be getting some of these edibles again, and I’ll be recommending them to all my fellow chronnoisseurs!
- Eddie
I am a HUGE fan of Lulu’s edibles. I can’t tell you how many times they have helped me to find deeper serenity and relaxation and support for my nervous system, in what is very busy life with my company and as a mom to a 7 year old. I don’t like smoking or vaping cannibis, and I’ve even had some negative experiences with other kinds of cannabis edibles, so I had almost written off cannabis for me. But what I discovered with Lulu’s edibles is that I can have a small amount every now and then, and my system absorbs it in a different way. No paranoia. No over active mind. Just more openness, relaxation and well being. It makes a huge difference in my life. I recommend Lulu’s edibles to all my friends, even those who don’t like cannabis or who have had negative experiences with it. And I always get a “wow- this is great!” response from them and then they become fans too. I can’t recommend it enough!!