Not Your Average High

The Company

Lulu’s Edibles was created by Lulu Bonner, the founder of Lulu’s Chocolate.  Lulu has been making chocolate for over a decade and has been a cannabis advocate for more than half her lifetime.  All of our edibles are made in San Rafael, CA at Tamalpais Co-Packing, a Certified Carbon-Neutral Facility that is completely powered by solar and wind.  

We are fully compliant with all regulations and every batch is tested for purity & potency.  We know the importance of full spectrum, clean, potent, consistent medicine and the value of creating long term, trusting relationships with our customers.  Our passion is to offer you the highest expression of cannabis via gourmet edibles.  

Our Process

Lulu’s Edibles all begin with unroasted, wild-harvested, heirloom cacao from Ecuador. We use the same cacao found in Lulu’s Chocolates, a certified organic artisan dark chocolate brand found at your local Whole Foods and Erewhon Markets.

Lulu’s chocolate is then infused with winterized amber oil and stream-distilled terpenes, working with the plant’s essential oils and cannabinoids to create three distinct flavor profiles and targeted affects.

We partner with Leef Labs in Mendocino County for all the beautiful cannabis oil we infused into our chocolates. By working with an ethanol-extracted, full-spectrum winterized amber oil, we achieve a potent edible with the beloved entourage effect.

We partner with The Humboldt Seed Company for our strain-specific cannabis steam-distilled terpenes. Our strain-specific terpene profiles are what create each bar’s distinct flavor and calming, uplifting, and balanced effects. No fruits or flavors are added, only essential oils of the cannabis plant.

Where can I find Lulu's Edibles?